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AI-Powered Perfection: The Magic Behind AI-Generated Headshots

My AI-generated headshot

Show clients and colleagues your best self with an AI-generated headshot. Using AI for headshots is easy, fast and low-cost. And the result will be picture perfect! Here’s a 6-step process for…

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How to Compete and Thrive in the Era of AI in Writing

AI in writingFreelancers who learn how to use AI in writing—and who highlight their understanding and use of AI in their marketing—will have a strong competitive advantage over freelancers who bury their head in the…

Are You a Reluctant Marketer? How to Be a Mighty Marketer Instead

How I moved from being a reluctant AI user to an AI pragmatist will help you move from being a reluctant marketer to being a Mighty Marketer.

Let me start with a confession. I’m a marketing geek….