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Unlock Freelance Success Now by Making Time for Marketing

Make time for marketingDo you want to avoid feast or famine syndrome?

Making time for marketing, and better managing your time in general, will help you build a stable, successful freelance business….

How to be First in Line for Freelance Work

be first in line

Want clients to hire you instead of another freelancer?

When clients are ready to hire a freelancer, you need to be first in line if you want them…

3 Easy Ways to Get More Freelance Work this Summer

Get more freelance work this summer

Did you know that clients need more help in the summer?

Get more freelance work and build stronger relationships with clients this summer.  Here…

4 Proven Steps that will Help You Get Freelance Work on LinkedIn

Freelancers are getting clients on LinkedIn

Business owners and agencies are finding freelancer John Espirian and hiring him for high-paying freelance work on LinkedIn. “I’ve noticed that clients who come to me via LinkedIn are willing to…

Sick and Tired of Bad Clients? Here’s How to Get the Clients You Deserve


Aa a freelancer, you can get the clients you deserveIsn’t it wonderful when a client finds you and offers you steady high-paying freelance work? This is the type of client that you…

How 4 Freelancers Make More Money as Specialists

Make more money as a specialist

Get Bigger, Better Clients as a Specialist

Being a specialist helps you get high-paying freelance jobs and clients with less work and in less…

Want to Worry Less and Make More Money? Be a Specialist

Be a specialist and make more money as a freelancerIf a pipe in your home bursts and water is pouring onto your floor, are you going to call a handyman or a…

Surviving a Freelance Disaster: Here’s What Happened to Me

here's how I survived a freelance disaster.Losing my biggest client in 2016 was  a real disaster for me. This client paid me well and gave me as much work as I wanted. The people I…

What Happens to Your Freelance Work When You Ask for Help

Ask for help to get more freelance workNetworking is one of the best—and easiest—ways to get high-paying freelance work. Yet, many of us don’t tap into our networks and ask for help…