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Unlock Freelance Success Now by Making Time for Marketing

Making time for marketing, and better managing your time in general, will help you build a stable, successful freelance business. Here are 5 time management tips and 3 time management techniques to try.

If you’re like most…

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How to Be First in Line for Freelance Work

When clients are ready to hire a freelancer, you need to be first in line if you want them to choose you and not another freelancer. Being first in line means that the client thinks of you—and…

3 Easy Ways to Get More Freelance Work this Summer

Get more freelance work this summer

Did you know that clients need more help in the summer?

Get more freelance work and build stronger relationships with clients this summer.  Here…

How 4 Freelancers Make More Money as Specialists

Being a specialist helps you get high-paying freelance jobs and clients with less work and in less time. Learn how four freelancers are getting bigger, better clients and making more money as specialists.

When clients hire…

Surviving a Freelance Disaster: Here’s What Happened to Me

Losing my biggest client was  a real disaster for me. This client paid me well and gave me as much work as I wanted. The people I worked with treated me right and considered me part of their team….