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How to Thrive Like Kathleen Labonge Despite Ongoing Economic Uncertainty

Kathleen LabongeWhen Kathleen Labonge started freelancing in 2015, she worked really hard to build her business, Write Point Editing Solutions. The freelance medical editor refined her specialty, chose her target clients, and developed client-focused marketing.

As Kathleen gained experience,…

How to Be a Recession-Proof Freelancer

How to be a recession-proof freelancerDuring the last recession, freelance writer Carol Tice grew her income from $60,000 a year to $100,000. “As the world crashed and burned around me, I quietly grew my freelance income…

The Habit that Will Make You a Freelance Success

build the marketing habit

Why Being Smart and Talented isn’t Enough for Freelance Success

Freelancing is a business—and all successful businesses do good, consistent marketing. If you build the marketing habit, then marketing…