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If you’re like most freelancers, you’re smart and you’re talented. But you’re not getting the steady, high-paying freelance clients you deserve. And building a stable, successful freelance business is a struggle. This isn’t your fault.

Say Goodbye to Struggle and Hello to Success

You probably never had a chance to learn about marketing. So you end up taking whatever work comes along, and struggling to make a living.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Mighty Marketer Can Help You

Find steady, high-paying clients who need your help.

Build a stable, successful freelance business.

Grow your confidence so you can impress clients.

I Get It... Because I'm a Freelancer Too

Hi. I’m Lori. When I started my freelance medical writing business, I didn’t know anything about marketing—just that I had to do it. So I made a lot of mistakes.

But because I did a lot of marketing, I became a 6-figure freelancer within 18 months. And I was doing work I loved for clients who treated me right.

I created the Mighty Marketer to share what I learned about marketing. Since 2016, hundreds of freelancers have used my proven process to build stable, successful freelance businesses.

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