Lori’s Story

How I get high-paying freelance jobs and clients—and how you can too!


Hi. I’m Lori De Milto, a freelance writer living just outside Philadelphia.

When I started out as a freelancer, I didn’t know anything about freelance marketing.

I just knew that I had to do it.

What I Did Wrong

I made a lot of mistakes back then, like marketing to the wrong clients.

The truth is, I didn’t know which clients would hire me or what I could do for them.

So I wasted a lot of time marketing to clients who would never hire me, because I didn’t have the education, skills, or experience they were looking for.

What I Did Right

But because I did a LOT of marketing in the first year or so, I was able to build my freelance business to 6 figures in 18 months. And I was working with steady, high-paying clients who treated me right.

Why I Help Other Freelancers

I started the Mighty Marketer in 2014 to help you and other freelancers get high-paying freelance jobs.

Because I know that freelance marketing is hard for most freelancers. But it doesn’t have to be.

I love helping freelancers who want to succeed but just need some help with marketing.

Why I Focus on What Works Best

The Mighty Marketer focuses on what works best in building a stable, high-income freelance business. Because we’ve all got way too much to do to waste time or effort.

The Freelance Marketing Blog gives you practical advice and, I hope, inspiration. Some posts highlight the successes—and struggles—of real freelancers. And some posts have free tools, like checklists, templates, and swipe files.



How I Can Help You Succeed

Hundreds of freelancers have built stable, high-income freelance businesses and become Mighty Marketers.

You can too.

But I won’t make outlandish promises. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take work—because building any business takes work. And it’s going to take determination—because all freelancers face obstacles and challenges.

What I can promise you is that if you do the work now, freelance marketing will be easier forever.

How You Can Learn Freelance Marketing Faster

You can read the Freelance Marketing Blog and use the free tools.

But the fastest way to learn how to build a high-income freelance business is to take my online course, Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve.

You’ll learn about the 7 steps to high-income freelancing, and get assignments to guide you through doing each step.

If you choose the coaching version, I’ll help you develop your freelance marketing. Whether you choose self-study or coaching, you’ll also get lots of handouts with templates, examples, and other resources.

But the course is only offered a few times a year. So if you want to know when it opens for enrollment again, you’ll have to join The Mighty Marketer email list. Just click the green button in the orange box below to do this.



What Else I Like to Do

I’ve always lived within 40 miles of where I live now.

But I love to see and do new things.

My husband and I spend a lot of time on boats. We’ve explored the gorgeous fjords of Norway and sailed across the Arctic Circle where the midnight sun shines 24 hours part of the summer.

We sailed across the Atlantic from New York to Southampton, England (the course of the Titanic in reverse). That ship had 300 passengers and a big crew. We’ve also sailed boats ourselves in Spain, Greece, and Croatia.

And we’ve visited Casablanca, Timbuktu, Tanzania, Katmandu, Petra, and many other fascinating places. In Casablanca, someone tried to buy me. Really, it’s true. My husband got so scared he didn’t even ask how many goats I was worth.

In Timbuktu, we rode camels at the edge of the Sahara Desert and dined in a tent with nomads. I bought handmade silver earrings at a sand bazaar.

Closer to home, we love going into Philly for dinner, shows, and museums, and taking the train to New York for the weekend.  In nice weather, we’re usually at our house at the Jersey shore.  I call it my branch office. I also love reading mysteries, especially those by British, Scottish, and Scandinavian authors.

Lori D.

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