“A soup-to-nuts guide to thriving as a freelancer”

“Practical advice with a healthy dose of inspiration”

“A must-have for any freelancer”

“Engaging and practical”

“Worthy of its title”

“A freelancer’s goldmine”

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“The Mighty Marketer strikes again! Armed with her personal experience from two previous recessions, Lori shows you how to survive and thrive during these uncertain times. There is no doubt that Lori is the freelance marketing expert.”

Christina Sanguinetti, BMSc
Freelance medical writer

“What can freelancers do to thrive in a recession? Stay calm, find ways to stand out, and spend time marketing, and Lori is here to help. The steps she outlines are clear and specific, and her tone is supportive and helpful. Freelancers will turn to this book for guidance throughout their careers.”

Jennifer Holmes, ELS
Freelance medical editor

“Lori is the guru of freelance marketing. Her new book is a lifeline that lays out specific, step-by-step actions for starting or growing a business in hard times. After reading it, I know there’s plenty of work ahead, but I feel much more confident knowing I have a roadmap to success.”

Margaret Johnson, PhD
Freelance medical writer and editor

“Lori De Milto has created a tool that is engaging and practical for freelancers everywhere. Suited for both novice and veteran, The Fearless Freelancer has the nuts and bolts for standing out from the crowd and building success. The key takeaways were vital in allowing me to implement much of her guidance immediately. Bravo!”

Julie Nyhus MSN, FNP-BC
Health and medical writer

The Fearless Freelancer is a survival guide for freelancers at all stages of their careers looking to grow their business and thrive during these uncertain times. Lori’s actionable advice on everything from developing your brand, finding ideal clients, and marketing your business will set you up for success now and into the future.”

Vicki VanArsdale, MS
Freelance medical writer

“At the height of the COVID-19 crisis, the timing of this book is perfect for any freelance writer. By applying Lori’s thoughtful and professional advice, a writer can not only survive this recession, they can thrive. Lori’s ability to inject hope into the practical information she provides is so welcome right now.”

Lynelle Martinez, MBA
Lynelle Martinez Consulting, LLC
Freelance medical and technical writer

“This book can help every freelancer thrive during the recession, especially newbies. This is one of the books I wish I had during my early freelance career.”

Ekaphan Ardharn
English to Thai finance translator

“Freelancing can seem like a daunting choice, especially for those without marketing experience. Worthy of its title, The Fearless Freelancer has provided me with concrete, well-detailed steps that I have found worthwhile for my own business. Useful examples and easy-to-understand advice make this book valuable for both current and aspiring freelancers, even during a recession.”

Shilpa Shenvi
Freelance medical copyeditor

“A freelancer’s goldmine is how I would describe ‘The Fearless Freelancer: How to thrive in a recession’. With her straightforward tell-it-as-it-is approach, Lori lays out a 10-step approach for success based on her personal experiences that has kept her freelance business thriving despite multiple recessions. Packed full of practical ready-to-implement examples and bonus resources, this book is written with freelancers in mind, whether aspiring, just staring out, or neck deep with experience, to help you to succeed and thrive. This book will prepare you mentally, especially during an economic downturn, to be a fearless freelancer, but you will need to put into practice the advice Lori provides to see the results.”

Helen Fosam, PhD
President, The Edge Medical Writing

“The Fearless Freelancer is a great follow-up to Lori’s previous book, 7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing. The new content is especially timely and relevant to the current world situation. It includes ways to incorporate sound marketing practices into everyday habits, enabling freelancers to maintain thriving businesses during challenging economic times.

Kathleen Labonge, MBA
Freelance medical copyeditor

“The overriding message of the Fearless Freelancer: How to Thrive in a Recession is ‘give more than you take.’ That is Lori’s secret recipe to thrive in a recession or any other time.”

Mary Y. Nishikawa, MA, ELS
Publications professional, CTD consultant, and protocol writer

“It can be easy to get discouraged when everyone is talking about a down economy and high unemployment. However—and especially in a tough economy—companies need the help of strong freelancers to keep their businesses thriving. In her new book, The Fearless Freelancer, Lori De Milto offers an abundance of effective, forward-looking strategies to help freelancers stay positive, tailor their messages, and attract good clients.”

Lisa Baker, PhD, CMPP
Freelance medical writer

“I have been freelancing for about 15 years, and my fear NOW comes from constantly needing to turn away new projects (which is also hard)! Lori truly inspires, because her steps are basic and simple–they are exactly what worked for me when I was building my business and more. I learned new things reading this book and highly recommend it. I also agree with Lori that you will become a successful and fearless freelancer if you follow her steps!”

Jill W. Roberts, MS
Freelance scientific medical writer

The Fearless Freelancer is essential reading during the COVID-19 recession. Its actionable steps provided in digestible nuggets avoids overwhelm. Lori’s method works—even in this contracting economy—for freelancers who take the time to follow her suggestions.”

Suzanne Bujara
Freelance medical writer

“Lori De Milto’s new book, The Fearless Freelancer, is a good step-by-step overview of how to market yourself both during the coronavirus pandemic and afterwards. It gives very practical hands-on advice for how to use email, LinkedIn, and your own website to obtain new clients. However, if you’re looking for advice on how to charge and get paid, how to run a business, or how to do your own accounting, you will need to look elsewhere.”

Netanya Y. Spencer, MD, PhD
Scientific writer

The Fearless Freelancer is an easy-to-read step-by-step guide to finding, marketing and maintaining clients. Lori provides great tips about how to find and attract reliable, high-paying clients even during the recession. This should be on every freelancer’s ‘must-read’ book list to help him/her stay relevant in today’s economy.”

Katie Estes, PhD
Freelance medical writer

“No matter where you are in your career or what you’re doing right or wrong, there is a lot for you here. There’s resource-laden, real-world, practical advice with a healthy dose of inspiration. Even during these times, the word ‘marketing’ no longer strikes fear in my heart!”

Stan Sack, MD
Freelance medical writer, pediatrician

“Lori De Milto spotlights the fundamentals of a thriving freelance writing business in her latest book, The Fearless Freelancer: How to Thrive in a Recession. This book outlines actionable steps that every freelance medical writer needs to follow for a successful business in a recession or an economic boom! I love De Milto’s discussion about growth and mindset. “Carrying on when you make mistakes or don’t feel like your making progress” is something that most freelance writers can identify with. Thanks to this book, we have practical tools that can turn challenges into opportunities. This book is a “must-read” for any freelance medical writer interested in strategically growing their business!”

Anne Erlich, PharmD
Freelance medical writer

“These are tough times for many, but Lori De Milto is here to help you not just survive but thrive in the current recession. Her experience in previous recessions and her continued success in the one we are currently experiencing provide some motivation for readers. For those who have thought of their freelance gig as a business from the start, this book may not offer as much new information, but for those struggling with the basics of marketing a business, her advice will be new and needed. More importantly, she lets you know where to spend your precious time and what types of activities may not bear as much fruit for freelancers who are in the writing and editing fields.”

Kelly Schrank, MA, ELS
Freelance medical editor