How to Be Interesting in 30 Seconds: Your Elevator Speech

Don’t you wish you knew just what to say when you meet people through networking? If you have an awesome elevator speech, then you’ll be able to clearly and quickly explain what you do. And networking will be easier for you.

Most freelancers would rather be doing our work than talking about it. But we need to be able to explain what we do when you meet people who can help and hire us. Because what we say can either help us make useful connections or turn off the people we’re meeting.

Your 3-Part Elevator Speech 

Once you prepare your elevator speech and practice it, you’ll be able to impress and begin to get to know colleagues and prospective clients. Prepare by putting time and effort into crafting your 3-part elevator speech:

  1. Client benefit
  2. What you do (your services)
  3. Who you work with (type of clients).

Benefits Attract Freelance Clients and Make You Memorable

All of your freelance marketing should focus on the benefits clients get when choosing you. Also, starting your elevator speech with a benefit makes it easier for people to remember you.

Describing your benefits is the hardest part of developing your elevator speech. But don’t dwell on this. Instead, start to think about what you could say here and just jot down your ideas.

And for your services and clients, focus on your key services and clients.

The Elevator Speech Process

Follow this 6-step process to develop your elevator speech:

  1. Write down the key benefits you provide, your primary services, and your target clients.
  2. Evaluate your benefits list and decide which to use.
  3. Draft different versions of your elevator speech.
  4. Read each version aloud to see how they sound.
  5. Time your favorite versions to make sure it’s 30 seconds or less.
  6. Refine your draft elevator speech until you have a concise, benefits-oriented way to introduce yourself.

Examples of Elevator Speeches for Freelancers

My elevator speech is:

“I’m Lori De Milto, and I help clients engage their audiences through targeted medical content. As a freelance writer, I work with hospitals, disease-focused health organizations, and other health and healthcare organizations. I write for consumers, patients, physicians, and other audiences.”

Client benefit: Help clients engage their audiences

And here are more examples of elevator speeches for freelancers:

“My name is Alice Jones. I deliver clear, accurate content to help technology companies get more business and keep customers happy. I’m a freelance editor and I work on web-based marketing content.”

Client benefit: Clear, accurate content for tech companies

“My name is John Smith. I help small businesses develop polished, professional brands and grow their businesses. As a graphic designer, I help clients with branding, strategy, logo design, printed materials, and digital design.

Client benefit: Help small businesses create polished, professional brands

“My name is Zack Friedman. I develop compelling content to help B2B businesses sell more products and services. I’m a freelance writer and I mostly work on web content, blog posts, and case studies.”

Client benefit: Help businesses sell more products and services

Practice Your Elevator Speech

Using your elevator speech won’t feel natural. So practice saying it until you feel comfortable.

And be prepared to say more about yourself if asked. The person you’re talking may say something like, “Tell me more about what you do.” Also write out and practice your response to this.

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