How 2 Skeptical Freelancers Find Trustworthy Help

Learn how 2 freelancers found trustworthy help in building their freelance businesses and what you should look for if you want expert help too.

Trying to build a freelance business on her own was a big challenge for Kathleen Labonge. The freelance medical copyeditor and owner of Write Point Editing Solutions knew that she needed help. But she didn’t know who she could trust.

“I knew that I needed to learn more about freelance marketing. And I didn’t think I could do it on my own,” says Kathleen.

Like many freelancers, Kathleen was skeptical about finding trustworthy help. She started looking at online courses in freelance marketing. But the outlandish promises of some experts were sleazy and a real turn-off. “Many online courses promise that if you do X, then Y will happen. The disclaimer that nothing is guaranteed is often buried deep within the fine print,” says Kathleen.

Debbie Anderson, PhD, MS, was also considering an online course in freelance marketing. But she wasn’t sure that it was right for her. “I had been actively freelancing for five years so I wasn’t sure if it would be relevant,” says  the freelance medical writer and instructional designer, and owner of DGA Medical Communications.

Both freelancers knew that learning from trustworthy experts was a shortcut to success. They were looking for an expert who promised realistic results and cared about their success.

Try Before You Buy

Kathleen and Debbie both took Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve, my online course. If you don’t know me, I’m Lori De Milto, a freelance writer living just outside Philadelphia.

When I started out, I didn’t know anything about freelance marketing—except that I had to do it. I made a lot of mistakes back then, like marketing to the wrong clients.

But because I did a LOT of marketing in the first year or so, I was able to build my freelance business to 6 figures in 18 months.

Along the way, I met other freelancers. And I learned that marketing was hard for most of them.

So I started The Mighty Marketer to help freelancers get the clients they deserve—because every freelancer can be a mighty marketer.  If you want to know more about me, click here.

Use the free content and evaluate products you have to pay for

Before Kathleen and Debbie enrolled in my course, they checked me out carefully. Both freelancers read free content on my Freelance Success Blog and evaluated the course carefully. Kathleen also read my earlier book (here’s the link to my latest book).

“From the very beginning, Lori made it crystal clear that there were no guarantees and that the marketing process required a lot of work and commitment,” says Kathleen. “She said that using the tools she provided would put me in a position to succeed, but it was entirely up to me to make it happen. That resonated with me.”

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort,” then my course will work for you. This is part of my course description, along with: “If you’re looking for an easy, effortless way to get great clients instantly, then the course isn’t for you.”

Before Debbie enrolled in the course, we talked. “Being frank about my questions and concerns gave me more of an impetus to give it a try. It couldn’t hurt and I was interested in learning from someone who had a proven strategy,” says Debbie.

Benefits of Finding Trustworthy Help

Kathleen and Debbie both learned how to focus their marketing on the needs of their clients during Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve.

Now a successful freelance medical copyeditor, Kathleen built the confidence freelancers need  during the course. Also, she developed a client-focused LinkedIn profile  and website  that help her attract the clients she deserves. She’s using direct email to choose and reach out to these clients.

“Looking back, taking your course was the absolute best decision I have made since deciding to freelance,” she says.

Read Kathleen’s case study.

As an experienced freelancer who knew the importance of marketing, Debbie was already doing many of the things covered in the course. But her marketing wasn’t as effective as it could have been.

The year Debbie took the course she made more money than ever before. Since then, her income has continued to increase.

Debbie was also able to reach out to new clients and increase the types of freelance projects she does for current clients. The client-focused direct email approach taught in the course is helping her get more responses than she had in the past.

Read Debbie’s case study.

How to Find Trustworthy Experts to Help You

When looking for help, both Debbie and Kathleen say to check out the experts, especially if you’re thinking of buying an online course, coaching, or another program.

Debbie looks for feedback from past students, and the expert’s education, background, and years in the field. She also likes to follow experts who belong to relevant professional associations and present for those associations.

“Talk to other people who completed the program before jumping on board,” she says. “Talk to the expert if he/she is someone you are comfortable approaching.”

Like Debbie, Kathleen looks for word-of-mouth recommendations and accessible experts who have the right expertise.  She also likes to follow experts who offer relevant free content that’s applicable to her freelance business.

Kathleen is turned off by experts who use the hard sell, “those who bombard you with emails about courses, programs, and proven solutions, or provide a snippet of information and then you have to pay/subscribe to obtain the rest of the story,” she says.

Learn more about how to know when you can trust an expert
6 Easy Ways to Find the Best Freelance Experts

I don’t like the hard sell or being bombarded by emails either. That’s why most of my Mighty Marketer content is free. When I do promote my online course, I only send a few emails. And I give you the full details about the course. Because I want you to know what you’re getting before you enroll.

The cost of an online course, coaching, or another program is important too, say both Debbie and Kathleen. “Is the expert out to make money or does he/she actually want to help people?” says Debbie.  My course—priced at about half or less of what other experts charge for similar courses or coaching—is designed to help other freelancers succeed.

Help from an Expert You Can Trust

Here’s what I promise in Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve:

You can find high-paying freelance work and build a stable, high-income freelance business.

And my course will teach you how.

I back this up with the proven, step-by-step process that helped me build a 6-figure freelance business in 18 months—and hundreds of other freelancers get the clients they deserve.

But I don’t promise that you’ll build a stable, high-income freelance business by the end of the 7-week course—because you won’t.

And I don’t promise that it will be easy—because it won’t.

There is no such thing as overnight success. It takes time—and effort—to build a successful freelance business. So you’ll have to work hard.

Thinking About Working with Me?

I love to help freelancers succeed. But I don’t want you to take Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve unless it’s right for you.

If you’re thinking about taking my course, I welcome your questions. Email me here:

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