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How to Stand Out in a Sea of Freelancers: Your Freelance Brand

Your freelance brand helps you stand out in a sea of freelancers.What do freelancers have in common with oranges, coal, and cattle? They’re all commodities—services (freelancers) and goods (oranges, coal,…

8 Secrets of High-Income Freelancers You Need to Know

High-income freelancers know the secrets to freelance marketing.High-income freelancers and freelancers who struggle to make a living aren’t all that different. But high-income freelancers have figured out the secrets to freelance marketing. We know…

Testimonials: The Easy, Proven Way to Make Clients Trust You

Testimonials help freelancers succeedWhy are testimonials so powerful?

Testimonials on your freelance website build trust with clients who don’t know you yet.  

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How 4 Freelancers Make More Money as Specialists

Make more money as a specialist

Get Bigger, Better Clients as a Specialist

Being a specialist helps you get high-paying freelance jobs and clients with less work and in less…