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3 Easy Ways to Get the Freelance Clients You Deserve

What works best in marketing a freelance business?

Getting steady, high-paying clients is really hard for most freelancers. But if you do what works best in freelance marketing, you can build a stable, successful freelance…

Are You a Reluctant Marketer? How to Be a Mighty Marketer Instead

Are you a reluctant marketer?

How Marketing and AI are Similar

The way that you probably feel about marketing your freelance business is how I used to feel about AI. Learn what I did…

10 Proven Steps to Your Freelance Success

10 steps to freelance success

Want to Turn Struggle to Success?

Steady, high-paying clients who need the help of talented freelancers are out there. You can get them—if you know where they are and how…

Worried About AI? Improve Your Soft Skills to Stand Out

Soft skills are important

Soft Skills Can Help You Get More Freelance Work

Improving your soft skills can help you get the clients you deserve—despite the threat of AI. Key soft…

3 Surefire Ways to Get the Freelance Clients You Deserve in 2023

get the clients you deserveTired of struggling? You can get the clients you deserve.

Steady, high-paying clients need the help of talented freelancers. Here’s a proven, step-by-step process for getting…

8 Easy Ways to Do Hard Things—Like Marketing Your Freelance Business

how to do hard things

Does marketing your freelance business make you feel uncomfortable?

Doing things that we’re already good at make us feel good. But doing things that are uncomfortable—like marketing…

Unlock Freelance Success Now by Making Time for Marketing

Make time for marketingDo you want to avoid feast or famine syndrome?

Making time for marketing, and better managing your time in general, will help you build a stable, successful freelance business….

How to Get Your Ideal Freelance Clients

Get your ideal clientsWant clients who pay you well, give you steady freelance jobs, and treat you with respect?

Client-focused marketing shows you understand the needs of your ideal clients and highlights…

Are You Greedy or Generous with Your Freelance Pie (Work)?

Get your share of freelance pieDo you believe that freelance work is abundant or scarce? 

Having an abundance mindset helps freelancers succeed—because there is plenty of freelance pie for…

How to Thrive Despite More Competition and Economic Uncertainty

succeed despite more competitionAre you ready for more competition?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more people began freelancing. At the same time, the economic uncertainty that began during COVID-19 continues. Geopolitical instability has made this worse.

Good marketing…