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How DeLene Stands Out with her Freelance Brand

Delene's freelance brand

Impressing Clients with Her Freelance Brand

Having a freelance brand has helped T. DeLene Beeland stand out from other freelancers and more than double her income in about…

How Alex Became a Successful Freelance Medical Writer

Alex Howson

Focus on Client Needs

Academic turned freelance medical writer Alexandra Howson, MA, PhD, CHCP, didn’t know anything about marketing when she started freelancing. By learning and then focusing her marketing on her…

How DeLene More than Doubled Her Freelance Income

DeLene more than doubled her incomeA New Specialty and Better Marketing

T. DeLene Beeland more than doubled her freelance income by shifting to a strong specialty, building new skills, trying new types…

3 Easy Ways Marina Damiano Became Successful

Marina DamianoHow can you build a successful freelance business?

Having an in-demand specialty, getting referrals from clients and colleagues, and following-up with prospects, clients, and colleagues made it easy for Marina Damiano, PhD, to succeed as…

How to Thrive Like Mia DeFino—In Good Times and in Bad

Freelancer Mia DeFino

Are you prepared for bad times?

Being prepared helps Mia DeFino, MS, ELS, ensure that she always has enough freelance work—even in bad times like the COVID-19 pandemic and recession….

The Innovative Way Margaret Attracts the Right Clients

Margaret's innovative brandMargaret’s freelance brand helps her attract the clients she deserves. 

Margaret Johnson shows clients she’s innovative and professional through her freelance brand.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Margaret Johnson, PhD, wanted clients to see her as…

The Proven Way Margaret Grew her Freelance Business in a Recession

How Margaret Johnson is thriving

When Margaret Johnson, PhD, started freelancing in 2019, she had strong experience in medical writing. The former professor and researcher in biochemistry and structural biology got two clients. But they didn’t pay…

How Ginny Vachon Created Freelance Work for Herself During the Pandemic

fearless freelancer Ginny Vachon

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the recession that followed, Ginny Vachon, PhD, has had enough freelance work. But the freelance medical writer’s work has changed a lot and with nearly every part of life…

How Kalpana Shankar Found Freelance Success Despite the Pandemic


What does it take to succeed when times are bad?

Launching a freelance business is even harder when times are bad—like during the COVID-19 pandemic or a recession. Kalpana Shankar was able to succeed…

How to Thrive Like Lisa Baker——Instead of Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Lisa Baker

How did Lisa Baker recover from losing a lot of work during the pandemic?

Being flexible and proactive enabled Lisa Baker to bring in new business. She expanded her services and the type of clients she works with…