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How to Compete and Thrive in the Era of AI in Writing

AI in writingFreelancers who learn how to use AI in writing—and who highlight their understanding and use of AI in their marketing—will have a strong competitive advantage over freelancers who bury their head in the…

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10 Steps for Fearless Freelancing in the Recession

During a recession, many clients cut or stop their use of freelancers. Competition for the remaining freelance work will be fierce. Developing the right mindset and taking the right actions will help you thrive.

When I…

The Easy Way to Become a Better Marketer

If you can say “yes” to 2 questions, then you can become a better marketer and build a stable, successful freelance business. And that’s important because if you don’t market your freelance business—and do this well—you’ll struggle to succeed.


7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Start Getting the Clients You Deserve

procrastinating It’s easy to put off or postpone doing things that you know are important to freelance success—like marketing. But procrastinating only makes it harder to get the clients you deserve. Once you…