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How DeLene More than Doubled Her Freelance Income

DeLene more than doubled her incomeA New Specialty and Better Marketing

T. DeLene Beeland more than doubled her freelance income by shifting to a strong specialty, building new skills, trying new types…

How to Get Steady, High-Paying Clients with Direct Email

direct email

Try this little-known marketing tool to grow your freelance business.

Steady, high-paying clients make it easy for you to make more money with less work. And direct email helps you attract steady, high-paying…

How to Choose Your Clients Instead of Taking Whatever Work Comes Along

find high-paying clients

Want clients who pay you what you’re worth?

High-paying clients aren’t going to magically find you. But there is a way for you to find these clients, and then attract them.

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The Easy Way to Get Bigger, Better Clients: Your Specialty

easy way

Here’s how you can get the clients you deserve.

Specializing is the fastest, easiest way to get bigger, better clients in good times and in bad. If you have an in-demand specialty, you’ll stand out in a sea of…

How 4 Freelancers Make More Money as Specialists

Make more money as a specialist

Get Bigger, Better Clients as a Specialist

Being a specialist helps you get high-paying freelance jobs and clients with less work and in less…

This is What Happened When Lindy Alexander Chose 3 Money-Making Industries


3 money-making industries help Lindy succeedWhen Lindy Alexander began gearing up to freelance full time in 2016, she needed to build a business that could support her family. And she knew she couldn’t do this…

Want to Worry Less and Make More Money? Be a Specialist

Be a specialist and make more money as a freelancerIf a pipe in your home bursts and water is pouring onto your floor, are you going to call a handyman or a…