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How Alex Became a Successful Freelance Medical Writer

Alex HowsonAcademic turned freelance medical writer Alexandra Howson, MA, PhD, CHCP, didn’t know anything about marketing when she started freelancing. By learning and then focusing her marketing on her clients’ pain points and needs, Alex has…

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The Secret Weapon that Helps 4 Freelancers Get their Ideal Clients


When done right, direct email is an awesome way to find and get steady, high-paying clients. It lets you choose the clients you want to work with and attract them by showing you understand and…

Unlocking Your Potential: How Coaching Can Transform Struggle to Success

coaching for successPersonal coaching is a shortcut to freelance success. Your personal coach will give you expert advice, cheer you on, and help you reach your goals.

I’ve got a confession to make: I never wanted to…