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How DeLene Stands Out with her Freelance Brand

Delene's freelance brand

Impressing Clients with Her Freelance Brand

Having a freelance brand has helped T. DeLene Beeland stand out from other freelancers and more than double her income in about…

The Innovative Way Margaret Attracts the Right Clients

Margaret's innovative brandMargaret’s freelance brand helps her attract the clients she deserves. 

Margaret Johnson shows clients she’s innovative and professional through her freelance brand.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Margaret Johnson, PhD, wanted clients to see her as…

How Eva Stabenow Attracts the Right Clients with her Freelance Brand

get the right clientsHaving a Freelance Brand Means Less Marketing

Eva Stabenow’s freelance brand helps her stand out from other freelance translators and attract the right clients. Here’s how Eva developed her freelance brand.

How Kathleen Labonge Boosts Awareness with her Freelance Brand

Boosting awareness Making Marketing Easier  

Kathleen’s freelance brand boosts awareness of her services, gives her more confidence, and makes freelance marketing less uncomfortable and more effective. Here’s how Kathleen developed her freelance brand.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes