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Unlock Freelance Success Now by Making Time for Marketing

Making time for marketing, and better managing your time in general, will help you build a stable, successful freelance business. Here are 5 time management tips and 3 time management techniques to try.

If you’re like most…

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7 Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business with Steady, Long-Term Clients

Building trusting relationships with your clients leads to steady, long-term clients. That’s much easier than continually looking for new clients.

If you’re like most freelancers, you’re spending a lot of time and effort trying to find new clients.  And you’re…

What Happens When Freelancers Use LinkedIn Services Marketplace

LinkedIn is the #1 social network for business and a pioneer in social networking for business. So when LinkedIn launched ProFinder in 2016, now called Services Marketplace, it should have been a great way for freelancers to connect with…