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3 Easy Ways Marina Damiano Became Successful

Having an in-demand specialty, getting referrals from clients and colleagues, and following-up regularly made it easy for Marina Damiano, PhD, to succeed as a freelancer. 

When Marina  started her business in 2015, she only had a few years of…

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Are You Greedy or Generous with Your Freelance Pie (Work)?

Having an abundance mindset helps freelancers succeed—because there is plenty of freelance pie for everyone—and collaboration always beats competition.

If you help other freelancers, will there be less freelance pie—clients and work—for you? Some freelancers think so….

Want Better Results from Networking? Build Trust

Going to networking events won’t help you get more freelance work—because these events are only the first step in building trusting relationships with the people you meet. And trust is how you build your freelance business through networking.

“If people like you…