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How Kalpana Shankar Found Freelance Success

Launching a freelance business is always hard. But in bad time—like during the COVID-19 pandemic or a recession—it’s even harder. Kalpana Shankar was able to succeed despite launching her business during the pandemic by developing…

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How to Thrive Like Lisa Baker, Instead of Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Being flexible and proactive enabled Lisa Baker to bring in new business when COVID-19 threatened her freelance business. She expanded her services and the type of clients she works with and is busier than ever.

Shortly after the…

How to Thrive Like Kathleen Despite Economic Uncertainty

KathleenWhen Kathleen Labonge started freelancing in 2015, she worked hard to build her business. Then the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the U.S., and Kathleen was facing her first recession as a freelancer.

Early in her career as a freelance medical editor,…

How 11 Freelancers Are Staying Strong in Uncertain Times

Freelancers are staying strong despite uncertainty.

In less than two weeks, freelance medical writer Ginny Vachon, PhD, has seen a “huge shift” in her business. A specialist in advisory boards and meetings, Ginny spends a lot…

How to Use a Red Velvet Rope to Get Your Ideal Clients

When you work with your ideal clients, you’ll be energized and inspired.  Having a red velvet rope policy can help you find those ideal clients and fire bad clients.

Usually, a red velvet rope separates VIPs from everyone…

How 2 Skeptical Freelancers Find Trustworthy Help

Learn how 2 freelancers found trustworthy help in building their freelance businesses and what you should look for if you want expert help too.

Trying to build a freelance business on her own was…

How More Confidence Helped Shannon Unlock Freelance Success

Confidence is a key ingredient in freelance success. After Shannon Hach boosted her confidence, her freelance business began to grow.

When Shannon Hach, MD, ELS, left family medicine to become a freelance medical editor…

How Eva Stabenow Attracts the Right Clients with her Freelance Brand

get the right clientsHaving a Freelance Brand Means Less Marketing

Eva Stabenow’s freelance brand helps her stand out from other freelance translators and attract the right clients. Here’s how Eva developed her freelance brand.

How Kristin Harper Shows She’s a Professional with Her Freelance Brand

Kristin’s freelance brand stands out from other freelancers and shows she’s professional with her freelance brand. Here’s how Kristin developed her brand.

Clients often think that freelancers are alike and that we’re unprofessional. Kristin Harper, PhD,…