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How to Thrive Like Mia DeFino—In Good Times and in Bad

Freelancer Mia DeFino

Are you prepared for bad times?

Being prepared helps Mia DeFino, MS, ELS, ensure that she always has enough freelance work—even in bad times like the COVID-19 pandemic and recession….

4 Practical Ways to Thrive in Uncertain Times

Freelancers can thrive despite uncertain times.It’s really scary out there. First sporting events and concerts were cancelled. And hand sanitizer disappeared from store shelves. Then nearly everything began shutting down. Businesses sent people home to work….

Want to Make More Money? Fire Bad Clients

When you fire bad clients, you can focus on your ideal clients.

When freelancer Ginny Vachon, PhD, fired her first client, she was worried about losing money. Ginny had only been…

How to Use a Red Velvet Rope to Get Your Ideal Clients

red velvet rope clients

Why your freelance business needs a red velvet rope

When you work with your ideal clients, you’ll be energized and inspired.  Having a red velvet rope policy can help…

How 2 Skeptical Freelancers Find Trustworthy Help

skeptical freelancers got help

Need help but don’t know how to find it?

Learn how 2 freelancers found trustworthy help in building their freelance businesses and what you should look for if you…

7 Things Amazon Does That Will Make You a Success

How Amazon succeedsWhat can you learn from one of the world’s most successful companies?

Best known as the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon has spearheaded best practices that are just as applicable to…

Why You Need to Have an Email Newsletter

An email newsletter makes clients and colleagues think of you first for freelance work.Here’s what happened when the email newsletter of freelancer Genevieve J. Long, PhD, PC

How Kathleen Labonge Boosts Awareness with her Freelance Brand

Boosting awareness Making Marketing Easier  

Kathleen’s freelance brand boosts awareness of her services, gives her more confidence, and makes freelance marketing less uncomfortable and more effective. Here’s how Kathleen developed her freelance brand.

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3 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals from Your Clients

Get more referrals from clientsGet more referrals to steady, high-paying clients by satisfying your current clients. When you do this, your clients will refer you to their colleagues inside and outside of their companies. Just ask

11 Steps to a Business Name that Will Make You Memorable

A freelance business name makes you stand out

Stand Out in a Sea of Freelancers with a Memorable Business Name

Want clients and colleagues to remember you—and think of you first for…