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How Jerm Finds His Ideal Freelance Clients on LinkedIn

Like many new freelancers, Jeremy (Jerm) Day-Storms, PhD, MWC, had strong experience. But he didn’t know how to share that experience in a way that would help him grow his freelance business. He soon discovered that LinkedIn…

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3 Easy Ways to Get the Freelance Clients You Deserve in 2024

get freelance clientsGetting steady, high-paying clients is hard for most freelancers. But if you do what works best, you can build a stable, successful freelance business without having to figure out what to do on…

10 Proven Steps to Your Freelance Success

Steady, high-paying clients who need the help of talented freelancers are out there. You can get them—if you know where they are and how to attract them. Here’s a proven 10-step process for getting the clients you deserve.

If you’re like…

5 Ways to Get the Experience You Need to Find Freelance Clients

Getting enough experience to get started is one of the biggest obstacles for most new freelance writers or editors. Here are 5 ways to get the experience you need.

Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of experience…

How DeLene More than Doubled Her Freelance Income

T. DeLene Beeland more than doubled her freelance income by shifting to a strong specialty, building new skills, trying new types of work, and developing client-focused marketing. Now she has more work than she can…

8 Easy Ways to Do Hard Things—Like Marketing Your Freelance Business

Doing things that we’re already good at make us feel good. But doing things that are uncomfortable—like marketing a freelance business—is frustrating and stressful. Learn 8 ways to overcome the practical and psychological hurdles to doing your marketing.

How to Get Your Ideal Freelance Clients

ideal clientsClient-focused marketing shows you understand the needs of your ideal clients and highlights the benefits they get when they work with you.

Ideal clients pay freelancers well, give us steady work that we enjoy, and…

10 Ways to Get 500+ Connections on LinkedIn Fast

Getting 500+ LinkedIn connections is easier than you might think. That’s great—because you need those connections to rank high in search results when clients are looking for a freelancer on LinkedIn.

And having connections in common with the person who…

How to Turn Struggle into Success with the Fearless Freelancer Mindset

fearless freelancer mindset

How can the fearless freelancer mindset help you?

Having a growth mindset, grit, and resilience—the fearless freelancer mindset—will help you learn what you need to learn and do what you need to do…