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9 LinkedIn Mistakes that Stop Clients from Finding You

Linkedin mistakeDo you know how clients find freelancers on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s search algorithm ranks freelancers with complete, client-focused profiles, big relevant networks, and some activity higher. Get more freelance work by avoiding or fixing…

How to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn

visibilityIf you increase your visibility on LinkedIn, then when clients are looking for freelancers, you’ll rank high in search results. You increase your visibility by being active, which is #4 in LinkedIn’s search algorithm criteria.

Being active, also called engagement, is…

10 Ways to Get 500+ Connections on LinkedIn Fast

500+ connectionsGetting 500+ LinkedIn connections is easier than you might think. That’s great—because you need those connections to rank high in search results when clients are looking for a freelancer on LinkedIn.

And having connections in common with the person…

What Freelancers Ought to Know About Networking on LinkedIn in 2022

networking on LinkedIn

How can a strong LinkedIn network help you grow your freelance business

More clients and colleagues are using LinkedIn to find freelancers to hire or refer work to. And if…

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at 3 Professional and Awesome Websites

3 awesome freelance websites

If you’re like many freelancers, developing a professional and awesome freelance website seems like an agonizing task. But it doesn’t have to be. You only need two things for a professional and awesome…

How to Win More Clients with Your Freelance Website and Do Less Marketing

freelance website

Here’s how your freelance website makes marketing so much easiser.

When you have a professional and client-focused website, you’ll get more steady, high-paying clients with less marketing—because your freelance website will do the…

3 Useful Changes for an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profile changeHave you noticed anything different on LinkedIn lately? The #1 business social network made a bunch of changes in 2020, including three useful changes that can help you make your LinkedIn profile awesome. The changes were…

The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile for Freelance Success This Year

LinkedIn profile

How can your LinkedIn profile help you succeed?

When clients search for clients on LinkedIn, you need to rank high in search results so they’ll find you. Developing a complete, client-focused LinkedIn profile…

What You Need to Know About Virtual Networking

virtual networkingFor most freelancers—including me—virtual networking is something new and strange. I’m a big fan of in-person networking. Meeting people in person at live networking events will probably always be the best way to make key contacts and begin…

How Clients Find Freelancers Like You on LinkedIn

how clients find freelancers on LinkedIn

Want to attract more clients on LinkedIn?

If you want more clients to find you on LinkedIn, then write a client-focused headline and About…