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3 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals from Your Clients

Get more referrals from clientsGet more referrals to steady, high-paying clients by satisfying your current clients. When you do this, your clients will refer you to their colleagues inside and outside of their companies. Just ask

Why Clients Need Freelancers They Can Trust

Clients hire freelancers they can trust

It’s been 11 years since Keith D’Oria and I worked together. But when Keith was looking for freelance help for his new company, he contacted me—because he trusted me. “Having…

3 Easy Ways to Get More Freelance Work this Summer

Get more freelance work this summer

Did you know that clients need more help in the summer?

Get more freelance work and build stronger relationships with clients this summer.  Here…

Why You Need to Say Thank You to Get More Referrals

Say thank you to get more referralsOne day as I was working in my home office, my doorbell rang. Waiting for me on the doorstep was the UPS guy, with a large package. I…

Word of Mouth: The Best Way to Get Better Freelance Work

word of mouth

2 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals 

Word of mouth (also known as referrals) is the easiest way for freelancers to get great clients. Learn how to get more referrals.

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