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1 Easy Way to Land More Freelance Work: Follow Up

follow up

Would you spend a few hours a month doing one easy thing to get more freelance work?

You should be saying Absolutely! Please tell me what it is. So I will: Just follow up with interested…

How to Impress High-Paying Clients with Your Remarkable Home Page

website Home page

Stand Out with a Remarkable Home Page 

Your home page can quickly convert prospects into clients—if you capture and keep their attention with a remarkable home page. But if your home page is ordinary or…

Why a Website Designer Can Help You Get High-Paying Clients

website designer

Want a sure-fire way to develop a website that will help you get steady, high-paying clients? Hire a professional website designer who has experience working with freelancers.

If your website design isn’t visually engaging, clear, and easy to navigate,…

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at 3 Professional and Awesome Websites

3 awesome freelance websites

Want to get more steady, high-paying clients with less marketing?

A professional and awesome website helps freelancers get steady, high-paying clients. Here’s how three freelancers developed websites that are helping us thrive.

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How to Win More Clients with Your Freelance Website and Do Less Marketing

freelance website

Here’s how your freelance website makes marketing so much easiser.

When you have a professional and client-focused website, you’ll get more steady, high-paying clients with less marketing—because your freelance website will do the…

How to Get Steady, High-Paying Clients with Direct Email

direct email

Try this little-known marketing tool to grow your freelance business.

Steady, high-paying clients make it easy for you to make more money with less work. And direct email helps you attract steady, high-paying…

How to Choose Your Clients Instead of Taking Whatever Work Comes Along

find high-paying clients

Want clients who pay you what you’re worth?

High-paying clients aren’t going to magically find you. But there is a way for you to find these clients, and then attract them.

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How to Make 2021 a Success Despite the Recession

cIn 2020, most freelancers lost a little, some, or a lot of freelance work due to the COVID-19 pandemic—and the recession that followed it. At the same time, we all had to adjust to big changes…

The Easy Way to Get Bigger, Better Clients: Your Specialty

easy way

Here’s how you can get the clients you deserve.

Specializing is the fastest, easiest way to get bigger, better clients in good times and in bad. If you have an in-demand specialty, you’ll stand out in a sea of…

How to Make Marketing as Easy as Tying Your Shoes

make marketing easy

It’s easy to use freelance jobs sites or content mills like fiverr, Upwork, or But steady, high-paying clients  aren’t using these freelance jobs sites and content mills. And they’re not going to magically find…