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How to Get Steady, High-Paying Clients with Direct Email

direct email

Try this little-known marketing tool to grow your freelance business.

Steady, high-paying clients make it easy for you to make more money with less work. And direct email helps you attract steady, high-paying…

How to Choose Your Clients Instead of Taking Whatever Work Comes Along

find high-paying clients

Want clients who pay you what you’re worth?

High-paying clients aren’t going to magically find you. But there is a way for you to find these clients, and then attract them.

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The Easy Way to Get Bigger, Better Clients: Your Specialty

easy way

Here’s how you can get the clients you deserve.

Specializing is the fastest, easiest way to get bigger, better clients in good times and in bad. If you have an in-demand specialty, you’ll stand out in a sea of…

How to Make Marketing as Easy as Tying Your Shoes

make marketing easy

It’s easy to use freelance jobs sites or content mills like fiverr, Upwork, or But steady, high-paying clients  aren’t using these freelance jobs sites and content mills. And they’re not going to magically find…

Stand Out in a Sea of Freelancers: Your Brand

Your freelance brand

Attract more—and better—clients with a freelance brand

If you have a strong freelance brand, then you’ll stand out in a sea of freelancers. Clients will see you as providing more value…

How to Be a Fearless Freelancer—in Good Times and in Bad

fearless freelancer mindset

Even when times are good freelancing can be scary. Along with being a skilled writer or editor (or whatever your freelance field is), you need to run a business.  And most freelancers never had a chance…

How to Boost Your Resilience When Things Go Wrong

resilience helps freelancers

Resilience can help you overcome adversity and setbacks.

Studies show that people can become more resilient at any age. Learn the 5 ingredients of personal resilience and how to add…

6 Freelance Opportunities in the Coronavirus Economy

Opportunities for freelancersFreelancers will have many opportunities in the new economy that’s already started as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s going to take the right actions now, along with resilience, grit, and creativity, to find them.


Ambivert: The Little-Known Personality You Need to Know About

Many freelancers are ambiverts, not introverts.I used to be an introvert. When I was a kid, I was so shy that I would hide behind my mom when people came to visit us—even people who I…

Do You Feel Like an Imposter? Here’s the Cure


Is imposter syndrome sapping your confidence?

If you feel like a fraud, and worry that soon everyone will know that you’re not good enough, you’re in good company. John Steinbeck, Jodie Foster, Sheryl Sandberg, Tom…