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How Jerm Finds His Ideal Freelance Clients on LinkedIn

Like many new freelancers, Jeremy (Jerm) Day-Storms, PhD, MWC, had strong experience. But he didn’t know how to share that experience in a way that would help him grow his freelance business. He soon discovered that LinkedIn…

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Break Free from Self-Doubt and Thrive with a Personal Coach

Self-doubt holds many freelancers back from success. Getting personalized support, feedback, and advice in a safe space from a coach is an easy way to overcome self-doubt and become the freelance success you were meant to be—like…

How to Thrive Like Kathleen Despite Economic Uncertainty

KathleenWhen Kathleen Labonge started freelancing in 2015, she worked hard to build her business. Then the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the U.S., and Kathleen was facing her first recession as a freelancer.

Early in her career as a freelance medical editor,…

How to Boost Your Resilience When Things Go Wrong

Resilience can help you overcome adversity and setbacks. Studies show that people can become more resilient at any age.

Navy SEALs and freelancers don’t seem to have much in common. But if setbacks and adversity…

6 Ways to Overcome Failure and Achieve Freelance Success

Many successful people were failures before they succeeded. And failure is an opportunity to try again. Here are 6 ways to turn failure into freelance success.

Does failure mean you’re not smart enough or don’t have what…