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How to Grow Your Business with Help from Other Freelancers

Other freelancers can help you

Need some help dealing with difficult clients?

When bad things happen to freelancers, we usually think that we must have…

Why Other Freelancers Should Be Your Best Friends

freelance friends

Want to grow your freelance business?

Having a network of freelance friends will help you grow your business, especially through referrals. Your freelance…

Professional Associations: An Easy Way to Get Freelance Work

professional associationsDo you belong to professional associations? If you do, are you active in your professional associations?

The answer to both of these questions should be Yes!—because professional associations make it easy for freelancers to get high-paying freelance…

Why You Need to Say Thank You to Get More Referrals

Say thank you to get more referralsOne day as I was working in my home office, my doorbell rang. Waiting for me on the doorstep was the UPS guy, with a large package. I…

How to Be Interesting in 30 Seconds: Your Elevator Speech

 Your elevator speech is an important marketing tool.

Don’t you wish you knew just what to say when you meet people through networking? If you have an awesome elevator speech, then you’ll…

Word of Mouth: The Best Way to Get Better Freelance Work

word of mouth

2 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals 

Word of mouth (also known as referrals) is the easiest way for freelancers to get great clients. Learn how to get more referrals.

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What Happens When Freelancers Play Nice (Are Givers, Not Takers)

play nice for freelance success

Want steady, high-paying clients?

Freelancers who give more than they take (givers) are more successful than people who put themselves first (takers).  The people you help…

What Happens to Your Freelance Work When You Ask for Help

Ask for help to get more freelance workNetworking is one of the best—and easiest—ways to get high-paying freelance work. Yet, many of us don’t tap into our networks and ask for help…